• Female Fueled 💖

    99 Angels support female-founded small businesses by creating networking events, “She Connects” mentorship chats, and sharing resources for GREATNESS

  • Creativity 🎨

    At 99 angels' events, the importance of creativity is emphasized to inspire and motivate individuals to pursue their passions and innovate in their respective fields.

  • Empowerment 🫶🏼

    We believe in girl power and strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels empowered and valued.

the collection for the dreamers

Founder of 99 Angels

Hey, I'm Kate, founder of 99 angels. My colorful streetwear celebrates uniqueness and self-expression, but I noticed a lack of community for like-minded individuals. So, I created meetups online and in-person to uplift and inspire each other. Join me on this journey to HYPE other boss ladies up! ✨🪩

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Our events are designed to help you connect, collaborate, and meet new people while supporting female-founded businesses. Get creative at our crafting bars, network with like-minded individuals, and discover new opportunities!

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